Robin Parker

Impressionist Artist

I entered Arkansas State University as an art major in the early 70's studying drawing and design.  Although I eventually switched to a business degree, a paintbrush and canvas have never been far from my grasp.  I have studied with numerous artists from all over the country as well as from France, Germany and China.  I paint often in my home studio but I love the opportunity to paint plein air whenever possible capturing the beautiful landscapes we are blessed with in my native Arkansas.  I have recently spent two weeks painting in the South of France, painting in the vineyards, cafés, in the shadows of small villages and along remote country roads of the picturesque Lubéron Valley.  It was an incredible growing experience, yet challenging for me as an artist and I look forward to doing it again soon and often.  I have also spent several weeks in the past few summers painting the majestic Rocky Mountains and lush, verdant valleys in  Colorado.

Light, color and shadows are what draws me to a painting.  That's where I focus my energy when I have a paintbrush in my hand.  Rich, luscious color, brilliant light and luminous shadows are always my goal.  Although I paint numerous genres of subject matter, I am most often drawn to the natural Southern landscape.  As an avid traveler, I loves painting scenes from my adventures through Europe and Asia.  Recently, I have pushed my creativity to new limits and have painted several abstract pieces that  have proven very successful.  I'll definitely be doing more but my heart will always be in an impressionist landscape.